Without health life becomes more difficult.

So much time and money is spent to cure a disease or illness. If you look back, maybe it’s not all because of genes, maybe you still eat processed foods, meat and dairy. Maybe you don’t exercise and work on being stress free. Maybe you feel you don’t want to spend money on organic foods and would rather buy a shirt or blouse. Maybe you feel you can’t eat a plant-based diet or others might think you strange. It’s never to late to turn things around. Love, is important and loving yourself is a key to taking care of yourself. Are you overweight, tired, lack energy, see yourself aging quickly? When it shows up on the outside, the inside has been long affected. I see the food purchased in standard markets, which are boxed and bagged, as dead food. All the goodness processed out. Check out the produce department, colorful, alive looking, beautiful scents, LIVE FOOD. Find a farmers market near you and look for the organic sign. Food picked that morning, ripe and ready to eat, not picked before it’s ripe and trucked in to your market. Eat live food and it will keep you alive, healthy and full of energy regardless of you age.

Mimi Kirk, LIVE RAW