Tahini and Hummus From Scratch – see my youtube demonstration for this recipe

1-cup garbanzo beans, sprouted

To sprout, place beans in a sprouting jar, paint filter bag or nut filter bag that will sit in a bowl of water overnight. In the morning rinse beans 2-4 times. Dump water out of the bowl, and let beans sit in the bag in a dark place. Rinse at least 4-5 times a day for 3 days and you will see little tails coming from the beans. They are now ready to use. It is very important to rinse daily so they don’t get sour.

 For the Tahini

Soak raw sesame seeds for 4 hours in water about 2 inches over the seeds. Stir, and let sit to expand. Strain out water and spread seeds on a few non-stick sheets of dehydrator trays, and dry for 4 hours. Grind dry seeds in spice or coffee grinder until fine powder. If you have a juicer with a homogenizer attachment, run sesame seeds through 3-4 times.  If not, use blender. When you take a small piece between your fingers, you will feel a little oil. Place in a bowl and slowly add 1-tablespoon olive oil and mash with a fork to incorporate. Add oil as needed to make creamy sesame butter.

For the Hummus

In food processor, place sprouted garbanzo beans, ½ cup sesame butter, 1 large garlic clove and juice from ½ large lemon. Process, scraping down sides of the processor bowl. Add a pinch of salt and cumin to taste. Blend again and add water to make a smooth but thick consistency. Taste for seasonings and tahini, and adjust if necessary, adding more oil or spices if you like. Spices are important to bring out the flavor, if you like more garlic, chili flakes, turmeric or other spices, now is the time to add them. You might also like more lemon. Hummus should be thick and creamy. Use for wraps, dips, on crackers, in salads or mix some into your homemade salad dressing or Asian style sauce for zucchini noodles.


A handful of cashews may be added for extra creamy taste and texture. Place in food processor along with sprouted garbanzo beans.