Raw Corn Chips with Guacamole

Approved by Mike Corn Chips, Served with Guacamole

Kernels cut from 8 fresh corn cobs
½ cup ground golden flax (ground fine in spice grinder)
¼ cup of diced sweet onion
1/8 tsp. salt

Place corn, onion and salt in the food processor and blend until very smooth. Place mixture in a bowl and add ground flax meal mixing until thoroughly blended. Taste for saltiness and add to taste. If desired add cumin, chili powder or other herbs of choice.

Using a teaspoon, drop onto non-stick dehydrator sheet, forming a small round. Continue until all mixture is used. You will use several non-stick sheets.

Dehydrate for 8–10 hours at 110, and then flip over onto mesh screen. If still too sticky, dehydrate longer. After more drying, and if still a little sticky, help lift them off with the flat end of a knife and place on mesh screen. Dehydrate for another 10 or so hours until they are crisp not bendy. They should snap like a real chip. It’s worth the time to make them individually. Don’t worry about dehydrating too long, be patient and wait for the snap.