Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 9.12.48 AM 2Last summer and fall Mike and I traveled to seven countries on a book tour and to gather information for my new book LIVE RAW AROUND THE WORLD. We visited Barcelona Spain, Marseille and Aix en Provence France, Berlin Germany, Tuscany region of Italy and Athens and Crete Greece. The second leg of the trip in the fall was to New Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra India, then on to Bangkok Thailand.

Along the way we met with many raw foodist and health minded friends who came to my lectures and showed us around their country. Needless to say we had a remarkable trip.

When we arrived home and I spent many hours, days and months creating recipes, and testing them. My kitchen was buzzing with new recipes from around the world. Spices permeated my tiny kitchen and made me feel I was still in the exotic lands we visited. Thoughts of new friends and the beautiful landscapes we saw along the way kept me smiling and happy to be working on a new book.

Mike was there every moment shooting thousands of photographs of the new dishes I prepared, eating almost every one when he thought he captured just the right shot for the book.

LIVE RAW AROUND THE WORLD will be released July 2013. You can find it in my Shop for pre order. I will autograph the book and send a special gift I think you will love. I hope you enjoy my new book as much as I did making it for you.

You know I love you, Mimi