This is a beautiful silver-colored Tree of Life necklace. The necklace can be purchased individually for $9.95 or it’s included at no extra charge when you purchase my latest book, Raw-Vitalize, on this website. Purchase just the necklace here by clicking “Add to Cart” below.

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juice bracelet final(1)

A beautiful stylish adjustable sliding knot cord bracelet I designed with a small round silver color charm with the word “JUICE” inscribed on it that will remind you to juice for vitality and health every time you glace at it or show it to your friends. This bracelet looks good alone or layered with other bracelets. It’s so comfortable you’ll want to wear it daily. The bracelet comes in a white drawstring pouch. The juice bracelet can be purchased individually for $9.95 or it is included at no extra charge when you purchase my book-THE ULTIMATE BOOK OF MODERN JUICING on this website. Purchase just the bracelet here by clicking “Add to Cart” below.


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love beyond the moon necklace

This antique brass-color necklace is given free with LIVE RAW AROUND THE WORLD when purchased directly from my website. The round disk symbolizes that everything is connected and is inscribed with Love Beyond the Moon + Stars. I am also offering the necklace as a separate item for $9.99 with free shipping anywhere in the world.

Not that I’m claiming any healing properties from my new gift to you. But the necklace is made from copper and iron. Copper is naturally found in a variety of whole foods, but as we all know refining food diminishes its mineral and vitamin content.

Claims have been made for centuries that wearing copper jewelry may be a health benefit as the copper mineral can be absorbed into the body. If nothing else the saying on this pendant, Love Beyond the Moon + Stars, will remind you that loving is essential to ultimate health.

When you by my new book LIVE RAW AROUND THE WORLD directly from me at www.youngonrawfood.com I will autograph the book and send the new necklace along to you free as a gift.

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This necklace was designed as a gift for purchasing an autographed copy of LIVE RAW on my website. The necklace is not given when purchased anywhere else, but i’ve had so many request for extra ones, that i’ve decided to put them for sale on my site. The cost is $9.95 and you can purchase through this paypal link and right now there is free shipping!