my new book due out may 2011

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No time like the present

There is no time like the present. don’t postpone what you really want to do. don’t put off what you’ve been thinking about. if not now when?

i’ve been thinking about you all as i write my book. it is for you. sharing what i know in the amazing form of a book. something you can look over anytime you want to remind yourself. recipes galore that will really keep you happy and healthy. even if you don’t hear from me often, know i am here for you, just ask.


Mimi Kirk, LIVE RAW

Animals off our plates

Yes, it’s fun to eat out, but for me unless its a raw food vegan restaurant, it just about the company and not the food. i usually order a salad with avocado and use lemon and oil. i don’t expect it to be organic, but i make the exception when eating out. many times i can find a chef that will fix me a plate of raw veggies, with some nice vegan dressing. so you can imagine how happy i am when i can eat at a raw food restaurant. can you imagine there are actually vegetarian/vegan and raw food restaurants? when i first became a vegetarian, they were few and far between. so, things are changing for the better.

 now if we can all realize that animals should be off our plates and wondering around alive enjoying life, that would be fantastic. just think how peaceful it would be to know you personally have nothing to do with killing to eat. eating animals is a habit like smoking or drinking sodas and once you give yourself a chance to stop, you can’t imaging every having done it. (not that i ever smoked.)

do yourself a favor, give yourself love by eating healthy food as mother nature intended it to be. stop buying processed foods, burning animals  on a grill and drinking liquids that dry out your cells instead of hydrating them. make small changes and they will turn into big ones and before you know it you will be one of the people in the world who brings positive energy for peace on earth and our fragile planet. mother nature can use your help and support. are you up to it?

Mimi Kirk, LIVE RAW


I have always believe in native american wisdom. here is a series of videos you might be interested in. “little grandmother” a shaman wisdom keeper

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a must watch for anyone interested in 2012 and where we are headed.
Mimi Kirk, LIVE RAW

Happy to be alive

Do you ever have a day where you are just happy to be alive? You want nothing, you are in the moment and you just take a deep breath and your mind is clear. No thoughts of work, or what needs to be done around the house, no place to rush off to. Moments like this are not as often as we would like, so when you have one, like i am right now, love it and take it all in.

Mimi Kirk, LIVE RAW

Do it now!

I have  been a little slow posting on my page as i’m so busy with my Facebook pages. i had to open a second friends page as i reached my 5,000 limit. i also opened a fan page, so now you can join my 2nd friend page or my fan page. i’ve also just set up a subscription on this site so you can received my news updates.

currently i’m working on my book, testing and inventing more recipes and giving lectures, smoothie classes and interviews. guess i’m not retired just yet. i love helping people to realize that health and vitality is possible as we age. in fact, it should be the norm for everyone.

i do hope that people will pay attention and not neglect their food choices. its not that you can’t turn things around later in life, but why spend your time trying to reverse disease. raw food taste fantastic and it can heal you quickly. once you learn how to prepare delicious dishes, you will not crave the “bad for you food”. don’t put pressure on yourself. just start including a green drink or smoothie every morning. soon you will want more greens and you can start including a big salad at lunch. if you want some good recipes, you can check my fb page as i post photos and the recipe. will post more about my book when i know release date and soon will start posting recipes here on my web page.


Mimi Kirk, LIVE RAW