Do it now!

I have ¬†been a little slow posting on my page as i’m so busy with my Facebook pages. i had to open a second friends page as i reached my 5,000 limit. i also opened a fan page, so now you can join my 2nd friend page or my fan page. i’ve also just set up a subscription on this site so you can received my news updates.

currently i’m working on my book, testing and inventing more recipes and giving lectures, smoothie classes and interviews. guess i’m not retired just yet. i love helping people to realize that health and vitality is possible as we age. in fact, it should be the norm for everyone.

i do hope that people will pay attention and not neglect their food choices. its not that you can’t turn things around later in life, but why spend your time trying to reverse disease. raw food taste fantastic and it can heal you quickly. once you learn how to prepare delicious dishes, you will not crave the “bad for you food”. don’t put pressure on yourself. just start including a green drink or smoothie every morning. soon you will want more greens and you can start including a big salad at lunch. if you want some good recipes, you can check my fb page as i post photos and the recipe. will post more about my book when i know release date and soon will start posting recipes here on my web page.


Mimi Kirk, LIVE RAW