i am hoping to do more on my blog. i’ve been so busy writing my book and rewriting. more thoughts come every day that i think are important for people to know about obtaining a healthy life. of course i believe food is the major thing, but as you all know, there are so many other tips that add to a healthy, beautiful life.

i’m also busy preparing for christmas making lots of raw treats to take to my son and daughter-in-laws home where we will all be together, (boo hoo, except my daughter mia and her family). and then, there are so many friends parties we are going too. i love christmas and i love celebrating.

my facebook page is continually growing and i’ve been spending more time on there answering questions and posting recipes. i haven’t gotten in the habit of working on this page daily. hopefully by 2010 i will have it all down.

i love meeting new people from around the world that share my love for healthy raw living. since i travel so much, i know that we are all the same kind of humans, no matter what country we are from. people who love animals and don’t eat them are everywhere. people who love and care for their families are the same all over the world. in my heart, we are all one people. this is all one planet. please do you best to love and take care of it.

being a vegan i think is an important part of taking care of our planet. try it for one day every week. put aside a meat meal for a vegan one. every bit helps. eating one pound of meat is like driving a SUV 40 miles. you will help the planet, the animals and in the process achieve better health.

love to all and peace on earth. Mimi Kirk, LIVE RAW