I’ve been busy working on my book. I decided that I would look for an agent and not self publish. So in a few days i will be sending the proposal around to several agents I think I might like to work with. In between I have given several interviews with Bloggers and webinars. I will be doing more this month and have a few talks scheduled.

I’ve had a book published in 2001. It was on a completely different subject and called “Cowgirl Spirit”. It sold out of all 10,000 copies that were printed. I wrote this book to go along with the business I started and ran for 10 years. A year ago August, I decided to sell my company and retire. I wanted to travel and spend more time with my boyfriend. The company is called Side Saddle, and is now run by a mother and daughter team. I started the company because I invented a boardgame called “Cowgirls Ride the Trail of Truth”. It is a boardgame for women 18-118 and is a truly amazing game. I also created ┬ámany products with the same theme that sold to retail stores and catalogs around the world. You can see the game and products at www.cowgirlsgame.com

I’ve been busy working on new recipes for my book (title still being decided) and it seems like everything I make is really delicious. I’ve always been a good cook and love everything to do with food, but I thought raw food might take me much longer to get the hang of it, but now that I feel as comfortable as I did making cooked foods, things have gotten easier and i can’t even imaging cooking food again. To me its like killing it and taking away any of the good nutrients. I know cooked food taste good, but i actually like the taste of raw foods much better. I think its all a matter of making a commitment to your health, and once you do that, it just seems to all fall into place. love, Mimi Kirk, LIVE RAW